Harold McNeill House Supportive Reintegration Residence
(Established 1972)

The house is a 5 bed supportive reintegration residence which provides housing for young men...
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Murray McKinnon House
(Established 1986)

This facility provides short term placement for young males in conflict with the law...
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M.A.C. Non-Residential Attendance Centre
(Established 2005)

This centre focuses on the criminogenic risk and need factors of the young person...
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Reintegration Support Outreach Program
(Established 1996)

The program is committed to supporting clients and families as they navigate through the Youth Justice System...
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Ajax Learning Centre
(Established 2010)

This alternative education program services young persons who are involved with Youth Justice Services in the Ajax/Pickering area...
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Murray McKinnon House
187 Simcoe Street South
Oshawa, ON, L1H 4G1
Phone:(905) 723-4677

Contact: Marlene Niskala, Director of Residential Programs
Email: mniskala@murraymckinnon.ca

Murray McKinnon House is operated by Murray McKinnon Foundation, a non profit organization, licensed and funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. This residential custodial program located in Oshawa, Ontario provides service to male youth residing in the Durham Region and surrounding areas.

The facility is a nine bed residence providing placement for males 12-17 years of age (open detention and open custody.) These young persons are either awaiting a court appearance or serving their open custody disposition as ordered by the Youth Court.

Our goal is to educate and teach these young men in a safe and caring environment. We strive to help them reach their full potential, successfully reintegrate and become productive members of their community. To this end, Murray McKinnon House offers evidence informed programming designed to meet the diverse needs of the young persons.

Over the years, the agency has forged partnerships and solidified relationships with community partners including Probation Services, local police and court systems, other regional detention/custody facilities, Durham Family Court Clinic and the Community Support Team.

Murray McKinnon House uses a relationship based strengths approach in programming and interventions with youth. Youths' strengths are fostered and individuals are supported in developing their own skills, abilities, knowledge and strategies in order to enhance resiliency.

A Clinical Social Worker provides counseling and clinical support to youth and their families. The Clinician works closely with a Primary Team and a Transitional Worker to develop individual case management plans and reintregration planning for clients.

Young persons residing at Murray McKinnon House will have opportunity to attend school year round within an on-site classroom. The Durham District School Board, specifically Grove School provides a qualified teacher and Murray McKinnon Foundation employs a specialized Youth Worker for the classroom.

Young persons residing at Murray McKinnon House serving a custody disposition may have opportunity to attend their community school or participate in a work program. This determination will be made by all concerned parties during the Case Management/Reintegration Plan.

Murray McKinnon House employs well trained competent professional Youth Workers to provide consistent 24 hour a day supervision to create a safe environment for the young person and the community. The Foundation has a commitment to continuous learning, ensuring that staff retain a high level of professionalism and have access to current information and "What Works" literature.

We are committed to distinguishing the young person from their actions. We value the worth of all young men.