Harold McNeill House Supportive Reintegration Residence
(Established 1972)

The house is a 5 bed supportive reintegration residence which provides housing for young men...
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Murray McKinnon House
(Established 1986)

This facility provides short term placement for young males in conflict with the law...
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M.A.C. Non-Residential Attendance Centre
(Established 2005)

This centre focuses on the criminogenic risk and need factors of the young person...
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Reintegration Support Outreach Program
(Established 1996)

The program is committed to supporting clients and families as they navigate through the Youth Justice System...
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Ajax Learning Centre
(Established 2010)

This alternative education program services young persons who are involved with Youth Justice Services in the Ajax/Pickering area...
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Murray McKinnon Foundation aspires to encourage and support the potential of the young persons in our care.

Our Statement of Values:

  • Murray McKinnon Foundation aspires to encourage and support the potential of the young persons in our care.
  • We believe in creating safe and caring programs utilizing best practices to empower our clients to become responsible citizens.

  • We believe in acting as advocates to ensure that the unique needs of our clients are met through the use of evidence based, gender responsive programming.

  • We believe in teaching our clients skills and strategies to make effective, positive and enduring lifestyle choices.

  • We believe in the rights of all individuals and celebrate the diversity of our communities.

  • We believe in a team approach involving the family and community services to support the client in their goal to be successful.

  • We believe in taking a leadership role in working towards collaborative community partnerships to meet our mutual goal of providing cohesive services in the least intrusive manner.

  • We believe in employing competent, well trained professional youth workers.

  • We believe in fostering continuous learning to ensure that our employees have access to current information and research in order to guide their work with our clients.

  • We believe in management practices which encourage teamwork and dedication.

  • We believe in being accountable to our funders and our communities by ensuring that our services reflect the changing community needs.