Harold McNeill House Supportive Reintegration Residence
(Established 1972)

The house is a 5 bed supportive reintegration residence which provides housing for young men...
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Murray McKinnon House
(Established 1986)

This facility provides short term placement for young males in conflict with the law...
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M.A.C. Non-Residential Attendance Centre
(Established 2005)

This centre focuses on the criminogenic risk and need factors of the young person...
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Reintegration Support Outreach Program
(Established 1996)

The program is committed to supporting clients and families as they navigate through the Youth Justice System...
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Ajax Learning Centre
(Established 2010)

This alternative education program services young persons who are involved with Youth Justice Services in the Ajax/Pickering area...
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Murray McKinnon Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization established in August 1972 under the auspices of the Ministry of Community and Social Services and later funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. All of Murray McKinnon Foundation's residential and community based programs are operated through the formation of a non profit corporation with Murray McKinnon Foundation which is governed by a Board of Directors comprised mainly of members of the North Oshawa Lion's Club.

The Harold McNeill House, opened in 1972 as the first program, is dedicated to the memory of Judge Harold McNeill.

Murray McKinnon Foundation and Murray McKinnon House are dedicated to the memory of North Oshawa Lion's Club Members, Murray McKinnon, Ray Stephenson, Larry Raybould and Edgar Hayden.

Murray McKinnon Foundation is an active member of Youth Justice Ontario.